Bible verse tees & church logos

Our Childrens' Church coordinator asked if I could make a t-shirt design for the verse James 1:17 (every good and perfect give is from above). I sent a 1-color horizontal design and a multiple color vertical option. (Hey, if anybody Googles for the need of a design like this, shoot me and email and I'll send you the PDF. I mention this because over the years, I've gotten several requests for the Be An Example shirt.)

The pastor of my bro & sis-in-law's church contacted me to work on a logo for their new name after a church merger. They are a Church of the Nazarene and there are guidelines for adapting the national logo to the local level but he also wanted to present his board with a unique-to-them option. We came up with this:

But in the end, the board chose to use the national version. So I just followed the guidelines set forth in the Usage Guide (so useful!) and now they have lots of variations to play with: