Logos & Layouts

So I'm not doing stellar with the blog updating. How about a periodical roundup? Here's a logo/FB cover/icon for Poetry In Motion. Because I like the sharing the process of how things come to be, these were the requests:

needs a logo and likes very clean, modern lines. Black, Grey and possibly Royal Blue...she originally said Navy.

She liked the idea of incorporating an ink pen. Fonts she likes are Arial, Lucida, and Grande. Fonts she hates are American Typewriter, Apple Chancery, Brush Script.

(You are never in danger of Brush Script or Apple Chancery with me, jsyk. But I do sometimes like the retro appeal of Typewriter fonts, so fair warning!)

This was another option I sent:

Haha, speech bubble, get it? (You get it.)

Rainbow City needed a logo for their recycling program & here is what I sent them:

They ended up using something else so I don't know what the final choice was.

I was stoked that I got to lay out the current issue of the Field Trip Field Guide. When Tami started that project, I wanted to be the one to do it but I was still with the City.

I've recreated some logos in vector, but there's no reason to share those and I did a business card design that it turns out the client wasn't allowed to use, so let's not put that out there. Waiting on a couple of things to be printed in order to share those better and hmmm, Lockbox should get its own post! Next time.