GIT'M and such

Three months? That's how long it's been since I updated? Sheesh. Okay, here's a little logo I made for the Geniuses In the Making Club.

Here's a sticker I made for a friend's production of Tartuffe.

Fanbows assembled a book of Rainbow Rowell fan art & she asked if I wanted to make something new to go in it & I'd never really made anything for Midnights, so...

Also in the past three months, I made my mommyblog private (the kids' friends are getting old enough to Google each other and Ben was like "how come my baby pictures are online?"). I went to the Advancing Women conference and while listening to presenters talk about work-life balance had to admit that mine was no longer super in sync. (This really kicked into gear in August once we had kids in two different school systems.)

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So. NEW VENTURE. I quit my job with the City so I can be, as Ben puts it "a home mom" or as Kris and I put it "self-employed." I can make my own hours doing graphic design from home and not worry when a kid is sick or two school systems have their spring break ON TOTALLY DIFFERENT WEEKS.

Huh, I think the first graphic I made for this new change is kind of appropriate then:

My last day with the City was December 1, so I will be home for the holidays. Which means I won't be at the Library for the Harry Potter Holiday Extravaganza that we'd cooked up and I that I had WAY TOO MUCH fun making buttons for...

I am a button-making menace #Fawkes #timeturner #maraudersmap #muggleborn

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Last round of Harry Potter buttons I swear #hogwartsismyhome

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Maybe it won't be another quarter of a year before I update? We'll see.