I started my job at the library exactly as the director went on a Disney vacation. But I figured she'd want me to do what I had at the Museum: beef up the social media presence. Well, then of course I'd need something to use as an icon across platforms!

There's a scripty GPL design from years ago. While it's nice and flowy, it looks more like a theatre company logo. And Brandy was working on a logo redesign, but I'm not sure it was done. It was only in black and white and I could never find the book imagery that went with the letters.

So in Amanda's absence, I went looking for fonts that had good Gs and pestered Jacob and Myron into installing them for me.

Klinic Slab comes in a lot of weights (excellent for a hierarchy of information!). I made two designs: one that was very obviously book-oriented and one that was less so. When I got to show them to Amanda, she was awful. She liked them both.


So we went with the one that's a little more abstract. It has three bars of color that could be books. Really, it represents the three branches of the library: the main branch, Alabama City and East Gadsden.

The colors are lifted from the Gadsden city seal since the library is part of the City.

I haven't finalized what I'd consider an actual logo for the library. I just keep using the elements in whatever shape fits my need.

And yeah, next up was redesigning the website.