Art show postcards

Ha! I bet you thought that nearly two months in to my job at the library, this ol' portfolio would reflect something I designed for the GPL. But no, I'm just that behind. These are the final promotional postcards I did for the GMA. (Actually one of them I did from the library.)

All I had was one promo image for the Sarah Dunn show. I had never met her. I didn't know what the rest of the show would be. Didn't have the artist statement. I didn't know what kind of font Sarah should be!

But as I played around with options, I liked this thin one. It echoed the strands of hair. And I loved the way Cadence could intersect with her name.

For the Juried Show, Rebecca sent me a zip file of oodles of submissions and said the GAA (who is responsible for the show) liked the one I made for the Shelby County Camera Club. (I used several images in a strip across the front.)

Prime opportunity to pay homage to my Hexagon Fandom:

I missed this opening because it was on a Sunday.

Next time, something GPL-related!