5th Street Market

The City is working toward having its Farmers Market hosted indoors. This was one of the first projects Eric started working on when he came on with the City in March. In order to brand the project, they needed a logo. This was the sketch Eric did for me:

I went and picked out a bunch of 5s. But when it came time to pair the text, I needed a shape. And when I went looking for a shape, I found one that reminded me of streets on a corner (like where the 5th Street Market will be: at the corner of 5th & Locust). So here's what I sent:

I used non-colors because I thought they'd want it to match whatever they planned to do with the building. The little underline was supposed to be a subtle reference to the train tracks on Locust.

After me, it went over to the sign shop. (They augmented it a little. The allusion to the tracks is now stronger and some eyes felt the 'th' needed to stay closer to the 5.)

And hey look, now it's up on the building! Go, sign shop!