GMA website

The new is live, hallelujah!

From the moment I started at the Museum, we wanted to tackle a site redesign. The old site was fine for when it was uploaded, but it hadn't changed with the times. Some screencaps:

From those, you can sort of see what we could and could not change. Like, I could update the Pages/Posts (hence new things like Night of Jazz and the Origami Class) but I couldn't remove pages like Things To Do. (We did get them to remove "cool links" and update our logo, but it got squished!) It too was using a WordPress platform, but I didn't have access to the theme.

It took ages to figure out who was hosting our site, who owned the url, etc. In the meantime, Jacob set me up a WordPress build on my computer and I began the redesign. And then it sat around for weeks, waiting until we could upload it. But look! IT'S UP!

Rebecca wanted a mostly monochrome site where the color came from the photos. Done.

The theme is Unite.