Southeastern Plein Air Invitational logo

So the Museum has an annual Plein Air festival. (I shot photo galleries of it for the Times and have attended the openings.)

We needed a logo for promotional stuff; this was the first thing I got to design in vector when we got Illustrator on my computer. The logo needed to have the full name of the event, but I emphasized “Plein Air” since that’s what everybody knows it as.

When I typeset the whole thing in a serif or sans, Plein Air got lost. I went with a scripty font that looks painted. The flourish is supposed to be a sun, pulling in an element from the previous year's logo:

That logo says outdoors and fun, but to me in a more music festival type way. (But full disclosure: I am not a fan of the Hobo font.)

... the HOBO font is a simple, humble font. A sign written in this font may be suitable for a sandwich store, but it cannot define a luxurious restaurant. (x)

One of my first attempts used a sun element but it looked too 90s:

And one was too Summer Camp to be the logo, but we are using it as an element to accompany festival stuff: