Rainbow Rowell bookmarks and such

Rainbow Rowell bookmark set (print size)

I made this set of bookmarks for Lesley who runs The color scheme made itself. It's a quote from each of her books and her short story in an anthology — mostly in publication order. I swapped Landline & Fangirl to have Cath adjacent to Carry On. And of course Midnights needed to be the indigo color!

Aside from the fall issue of Gadsden Style (which just feels boring by this point to make posts about), I think all my most recent designs have been Rainbow-related. Like the cover art for my Carry On fanmix.

cover art for my Carry On fanmix

And I had another friend read Eleanor & Park, so I made another graphic using a quote from the book...

Quote from Eleanor & Park

Then just because I was downloading a space photo for something else, I made something with the quote about stars from Carry On...

the stars feel close enough to touch