Seen on Scene

My editor wanted info cards our staff could hand out to readers to inform them about our new Seen on Scene photo galleries. This isn't what he had in mind, but I knew which company he'd use to have the cards made and my philosophy is that if you have the option to bleed? Bleed.

(Also, he liked them design and said he knew I'd take it and run with it anyway.)

The starburst pattern is to be reminiscent of a camera's flash. (You probably knew that.)

Art of Beer logo

The problem with waiting, oh, say, A YEAR since you designed a logo to blog about it is that I can no longer remember what the client told me she was looking for. She was pleased with the end result, though. (I just wish I could remember more of the process!) We were going for a crafty, arty feel. The ART of CRAFT BEER, y'know?

But we worked on this in fall 2014 for an event that took place spring 2015, so I couldn't unveil the logo at the time. And then I just forgot. Alas. I did find this note that I sent with prelim designs:

I like these circular messy backgrounds. The mess is reminiscent of creating and the circle is like the messy print that would be left by a bottle or glass.

It was fun to see the logo on promotional materials and little tasting mugs:

One of my logos in the wild

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Best indirect compliment I got on this logo: finding out somebody was berated for "stealing it." They were like "you can't just appropriate someone else's logo..." and were told "I didn't; I had Laura Catoe design this one." Good enough to assume it was thefted — nice.