The world is better with me in it

Laura, would you have time to come up with a Life Skills logo we could put on t-shirts and the notepads for the camp?

Here are the characters: 世界因我而精彩

The English is “The world is better with me in it.”

We have equal guys and girls, so it would need to appeal to both.

Any ideas?

Do you know what dimensions you need? Or a number of colors?

It should be horizontal, don’t you think? To go across a tshirt? Maybe no more than 3 colors?

So here is something I learned: all the globe art I have cuts off ALL of Asia. Like, I wanted to play with including the earth, y'know? But not one that doesn't even SHOW Asia. Hmph.

Well that is interesting. : ) I just had to order crystal world globes for the cleft trip, and I learned that in EVERY globe, they put the US above China. Like we are lording over them. YIKES.

Okay, this is supposed to be an abstract globe, but I'm not sure it reads as that unless you know it's supposed to be that...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Super, super cool and powerful. Let me run it by the China team members to make sure they love it as well. THANK YOU!!!!! :)