Fandomtines 2015

In 2013, I made a set of "Primevalentines" — styled like the themed valentines you pick up to hand out to classmates. And last year, I made valentines for the fandoms that helped me through the adoption wait.

This year, they aren't so much "valentines" as just Graphics for My Current Fandoms. (I knew I'd be disappointed to not make something.) I started with Les Mis AUs.

(Uh, yeah, see, I read Les Mis in high school and honestly, I don't remember Enjolras or Grantaire's characters at all. But I have a friend who likes this pairing and she knows I love a good AU, so she sends me little portions of fics and then I get intrigued and... yeah, I have accidentally joined the Les Mis AU fandom. Nerd pitfall.) One of the writers that has delighted me to no end is idiopathicsmile. This is taken from one of her fics:

Next up is the Hexagon Fandom, which is really just Fandom Fandom... as in, how fun to connect with people elsewhere over something as simple as "hey, hexagons are rad!"

Hexagon fandom

Then I wanted to do something for Teen Wolf. I was thinking Stiles but couldn't decide upon my angle and then Kris and I watched the episode where Papa Argent bellows "another werewolf?!?"

My newest fandom is The 100, so of course there was gonna be a Bellarke one. (This one is my least fave as I rushed it a little in my eagerness to share with yadykates...)

All that was left was Landline. MollieKatie had requested that there be a Landline valentine, but she had no specifics for me. I tried flipping through the book for ideas but all I would end up doing was re-reading several chapters at a time. (Ah, Rainbow.) Finally I decided: SUBPLOT ROMANCE. And the pugs.