Fanmixes front and back

Cover art for my Landline fanmix

When I make the cover art for my fanmixes, I usually only do one side. But for Rainbow Rowell's Landline and Holly Black's The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, I did the track list, too.

Cover art for my Coldtown fanmix

Rendered quotes

Good things grow

This is another quote from one of Rainbow's books. Basically I did this because Bethany showed interest! (On Tumblr here.)

But I'm glad I got in a little practice because the same week, I had a request:

Charli saw her first star this morning when we went out to see the lunar eclipse. She wanted me to take a picture "so I can show everybody." It was a really touching moment and I want to capture it somehow artistically for her and for me.
She sent me a little sketch of a silhouette, some trees and the verse John 1:5. This is what I came up with:

Light shines

It met with approval.

Charli said, "It's my star... and me!"

Themed birthday invites

For Cash's 5th birthday, we had a Lego theme. I would have ordered these except the seller was in Australia! Alas. But I totally copied her design for the invitations. (And the idea to include knockoff Lego men in the goodie bags.)

Each kid got a personalized Lego tag, which is the zenith of how far I will go craftwise:

Lego party favor tags

Zoe's party was at the skating rink. SK8TE Party, yo!

Themed birthday invites