Fandom Valentines part 1

After I made the Primevalentines last year, I saw a Valentine that referenced pizza and I then just couldn't not make a Hatter one, y'know? Since I have my Alice sub-blog this year, I made an Alice Valentine for a matching set.

This week, I reminded BethanyActually that she had yet to claim her Fandom Friend Bingo art. (An inside joke that she had the most Xs on this nerdliest of pursuits...) She chose something Hatter & Alice related. Easy-peasey!

Bethany is also a big fan of Rainbow Rowell, so I took something Rainbow said in a guest post about her book Attachments and applied it to Halice. (What, doesn't everybody catalogue wise words according to their pet OTPs?)

I love the tags she added!

Last night, I remembered to add these graphics to my Alice board on Pinterest. I forget about Pinterest. Like, not only to pin things, but also that others can pin my things. I listed the "source" as syfyalice2009 and Pinterest showed me a column of images already pinned from that site. (Most of which weren't my graphics, but it's fun to stumble upon stuff like this, since comments & tags are always my favorite part of making something...)

Next week, fandom'tines part 2!