Band tee

The finished product of the band t-shirt I worked on awhile back. My coworker sent me the following image with the note "They like the type and they like the dance people."

I told her the text would be really easy to convert to vector art but that we'd need some dancers. She found some stock imagery to use.

This was the PDF we sent the printer:

Fandom excuses

Alright, I’m sure some of you are like “enough with the Hatter graphics” (ahem, ETW) but he gets me reblogs! Deal with it. I decided to make a "character poster" for Hatter, since he has netted me the most notes on Tumblr.

I really like how this one turned out. And if I didn’t have desire to make homage graphics for little reason, I would have no excuse to use this style. It’s not really something you apply to pictures of your kids and it’s too Photoshoppy for the magazine. Thank you, fandom, for being the perfect milieu for the image-ghosted medium!

As ever, I am All About Words. It’s not done until I find the wording. When Alice meets Ratty, he promises to take her to The Man Who Knows. (Shh, I used the True Blood font, but we don’t have to tell anybody we’re mixing fandoms, right?)

After I made this, my board got another follower. Argh, you guys are killing me. What else could I possibly make? I have tread this territory.

“Well, I haven’t made anything of the King of Hearts…”

But I couldn’t find the screencap I wanted. As I looked, I saw some of Charlie and one glance and I could hear him speaking. Okay, let’s make a Charlie-themed one. (Winston, I will try you again next time.)

I have a lyric collage that I am having little luck with, and while I was font-searching for it, I found one that seemed perfect for a My Mad Fat Diary image I had in mind.

So, new use for fandoms: chances to practice skills and use fonts that I otherwise wouldn't get to. Go, fandom!