Fandom gifts

A couple of weeks ago, the Duchess of Wonderland reblogged my Duchess/Hatter parallels post for the second time. I sent her a message, asking if she had any graphic requests because nobody has every reblogged one of my creations twice “for feel reasons.”

She couldn’t think of anything. (I would have been equally lost if she asked me to participate on her roleplay blog — seriously, I lack the roleplay gene.) But when my Syfy Alice board gained a new follower, I knew something for the Duchess was in order.

And I’m kind of glad she didn’t have a request, because I was able to just go find some screencaps and see if they “spoke” to me. (Don’t laugh! Or, in the words of her tag #DON’T U JUDGE ME.) I liked one that was a little out of focus because it highlighted that Duchess was in movement. She was trying to save Jack, whose execution had been ordered.

I found a photo of him to overlay and felt it needed something. I tried some patterns. No. Hrm... some text? I went with “you’re running out of time.” Because she is and Time is such a theme in Wonderland tales. (I also went and found actual lines from the mini and posted those below.)

The Duchess found her gift shortly after I posted it, and seemed pretty stoked. That she went to one of her friends to say “look what someone made for me!” put a huge smile on my face.

In a similar vein, I made an image collage for a fanfic recently. I read it one night and thought it was so well done. I didn’t want to just send another message saying how much I liked it. I wanted to put the time in, like she had to share in the first place.

I figured, if you can make an image collage for a novel, why not for a fanfic?

It was to nearly 50 notes by the time she found it. (At 73 now.) I love her tags #*FANS SELF* and #BLINKS RAPIDLY.

So, two creations that are not so much for the shows but the fans themselves. Love a thing, make a thing. And I love the community that is fandom.