These? So much harder than they look.

Ever since I read Melissa Fay Greene's article "How to Bully-Proof Your Child," I wanted to do a quote design of this passage, as it so perfectly encapsulates bullying.

The secret? It's a game. The only rule is: If you get upset, you lose.

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I've only made a few of these so far. I'd like to do more and (hopefully) get better at it.

Roboters at the GPL

Tamall Calloway at GPL Summer Reading Program

Last week, I told my editors I had some copies of the paper to drop off at the library for Tamall Calloway. (I did the preview story on his visit.) I asked if they wanted me to shoot a photo gallery while I was there.

Man, these guys were great. A few times, I missed a good shot because I got so immersed in watching them perform.

Tamall Calloway at GPL Summer Reading Program Tamall Calloway at GPL Summer Reading Program

Photo gallery at

Tamall Calloway at GPL Summer Reading Program

Calloway said he loves dance for many reasons, but foremost is “seeing how people react when I dance. I find joy in performing and teaching.” (GadsdenTimes)

More cover art

Attachments fanmix cover art

This one is for a fanmix for Rainbow Rowell's Attachments. In the book, the female protagonist is a movie critic (and a pivotal scene takes place in a movie theater). The male protagonist works in IT and one of his jobs is to read flagged emails. The text is an email that he prints and out and saves. And the inclusion of pi references the final chapter of the book.

A quickie for my Penelope fanmix.

And a cheater one for my 80s mix, because you aren't allowed to add a track list on 8tracks.