The microcosm

Sigh. I like the above version much better than the one I posted on Tumblr last week.

After I uploaded it, I was like "I should have made a big diamond in the center. That scene on the ladder is a microcosm of their whole dynamic."

But it's up to 144 notes, so I'm not gonna change it now.

I gave myself a goal that whenever my Syfy Alice board on Pinterest gets a new follower, I would make a new piece of fanart. (I am already three followers behind on this goal.) My inspiration was this HP-themed diamond design. Diamonds! Yes, a playing card suit! Perfect, let's get started.

Screencap of the work-in-progress:

Fanmix cover art

Eleanor & Park

I decided to make some "cover art" for my Eleanor & Park fanmix. (I was elated when the author reblogged this on Tumblr. I'm not sure how it got 400+ views on Flickr.)

Since my latest mix was for another YA novel, I decided to make cover art for it, too.

Anna and her Golden Boy

Then I started an 8tracks account, which means all my mixes needs cover art! I threw these together for My Mad Fat Diary and Misfits.

Wow, do I use a warm color palette for every cover art design or what?

Why yes, apparently I do. Trubie is proof.

For my Warm Bodies and Syfy Alice mixes, I just used the square fanart I'd already made. And for Wild display of nerdery, it's a photo from our last beach trip.

I Am LWB t-shirt

Several months ago, I got a note from LWB that they were designing volunteer t-shirts and did I want to see if I could improve the design?

Of course!

I never got to see one in person (I think mine got lost in transit), but I swiped this image of Karin Peak (Henan Healing Home Surgery Coordinator) wearing hers with Amy Eldridge at the CAO Annual Summit:

Go, LWB!