Syfy Alice playing cards

Somewhere on Tumblr, I saw a playing card design for some fandom. And I thought to myself "well, it has been awhile since I made something for Syfy Alice..." Playing cards it is! We've got the Queen and Jack of Hearts. I decided to make Alice the Ace of Spades. (A nod to Malteaser's fic.)

I figure Hatter is the Joker. (Of course there's a Hatter one. I do want reblogs after all. He got 50. Alice got about a dozen. Poor Jack? 4. The Queen? 2.)

Sherrouse spaceship

The Sherrouses have made a spaceship for their son Noah. The story has been on Reddit, the Huffington Post, CNET and lots of other places. One of the Times' reporters heard about it and was like "hey, why haven't we covered it?" The editors knew I know the Sherrouses, so I got the assignment.

“I think it's important to tell kids to dream big,” he said. “It sounds cheesy, but I hope it inspires other people to do similar things.”

Daniel said he'll probably never be 100 percent finished with the spaceship. He plans to adapt it as Noah ages.

“When he's older, I plan on us working on it together,” he said. “Sixteen months isn't the best age for power tools.”

Read the full story here. (There is also a photo gallery by ETW.)

GT-0422 A01

P.S. That image at the top had nothing to do with the story. But I have the Red Five font and could not resist.

What Will You Bring to the Table?

What Will You Bring to the Table?

Last week, shot some photos of kids planting veggies at the Boys & Girls Club. Photo gallery at

Some ran in the print edition, as well:

GT-0910 A02

These handsome gents asked that I take their photo...

Handsome lads

Warm Bodies

Saw Warm Bodies last month, really enjoyed it, made a playlist for it, plan to read the book. Decided to make a little fanart as well.

"Warm Body" got about 35 notes on Tumblr. Let's see how "You had me at BRAINS" fares.