Story about Princess Noccalula

Photo by Marc Golden for The Gadsden Times

Two weeks ago, my editor asked if I could take a break from putting together the spring issue of Style to write a feature story. I said sure!

Kay Smith Stanley posed as "Princess Noccalula" in 1968. The costume she wore was unearthed in a move last year and donated to the local library. It's now part of their permanent collection.

Stanley was a 15-year-old student of Glencoe High when she posed for the Belgian sculptor Suzanne Silvercruys in the summer of 1968. The Woman’s Club of Gadsden commissioned the project, which resulted in a 9-foot-tall, 3,000-pound bronze statue of the Cherokee maiden. The piece has been a landmark at the park since 1969.

It was really nice meeting Kay and her sister-in-law Shirley. The interview was on a Friday afternoon, and I told my editor it would be a better story if she could wait a week for it. She waited, and the feedback I got from Shirley was very positive.

Funny enough, between the time I wrote the story and it ran, I had lunch with my dad and I mentioned the statue at Noccalula and how one forgets it wasn't always there. Dad mentioned that he knew they girl who modeled for it. I was like "hey! I just interviewed her!"

Photo by Marc Golden for The Gadsden Times

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