Curious in Nature collage

Curious in Nature

Fanartica deemed “fairy tales” an open topic for March, and it reminded me that I have been meaning to attempt a themed collage. This was much harder to make than I anticipated!

“If I can’t make an Alice in Wonderland collage, I need to call it quits,” I told a friend as I worked on this.

My goal was a piece not only recognizable as referencing Alice in Wonderland but also tipping a hat to Syfy’s Alice.

I found two white rabbits, the watch, a brown hat and boot, a tin of tea, the deck of playing cards and the monochrome optic. But I needed a human element.

An issue of Vogue presented me with the image of a young brunette in Alice dress like a gift. The image is dark, so it’s hard to tell, but she even has on brown boots!

The hat, tea and Ten of Clubs didn’t make the final cut. They were all Syfy-specific references. But this is still Alice-ish in the purple and red background, the silver watch and the inclusion of the Jack as well as the Queen of Hearts.

Okay, Fanartica, bring on April’s topic!

P.S. Forgot that I actually made a few themed collages back when I participated in Illustration Friday for Metropolitan, Surprise, Dream and Monster.

2013 Girlfriend Gala

The theme for this year's Gala is Buckles, Boots, Bling & Best Friends. The committee chose the design on brown, but they also wanted to see versions on blue and red:

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Story about Princess Noccalula

Photo by Marc Golden for The Gadsden Times

Two weeks ago, my editor asked if I could take a break from putting together the spring issue of Style to write a feature story. I said sure!

Kay Smith Stanley posed as "Princess Noccalula" in 1968. The costume she wore was unearthed in a move last year and donated to the local library. It's now part of their permanent collection.

Stanley was a 15-year-old student of Glencoe High when she posed for the Belgian sculptor Suzanne Silvercruys in the summer of 1968. The Woman’s Club of Gadsden commissioned the project, which resulted in a 9-foot-tall, 3,000-pound bronze statue of the Cherokee maiden. The piece has been a landmark at the park since 1969.

It was really nice meeting Kay and her sister-in-law Shirley. The interview was on a Friday afternoon, and I told my editor it would be a better story if she could wait a week for it. She waited, and the feedback I got from Shirley was very positive.

Funny enough, between the time I wrote the story and it ran, I had lunch with my dad and I mentioned the statue at Noccalula and how one forgets it wasn't always there. Dad mentioned that he knew they girl who modeled for it. I was like "hey! I just interviewed her!"

Photo by Marc Golden for The Gadsden Times

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