At the end of January, the Fanartica Tumblr posted a couple of 30 Rock valentines. My dash was pretty dead at the time; the other postings all seemed to be Primeval-related. Which made a mash-up in my mind.

“I should make some Primevalentines!”

I had too much fun making these. I wasn’t sure what each one should say. I’m not very good with puns. But once I hit upon the idea of using candy hearts for the verbage, it was all smooth sailing.

I made each one individually and as couple pairs. Couples getting matching-colored hearts. (Stephen and Helen being an exception and Sarah and Danny being a bit of a stretch.)

My favorites, of course, are Abby and Connor. I was delighted to find the "Marry Me" heart and edited a couple of others to make Connor's "So Yes" answer heart.

And, because I love seeing how other Tumblr users tag them: screencaps of the reblogged valentines: