LWB 2012 annual report

I worked on two annual reports this month: one for the local United Way and one for Love Without Boundaries. The LWB report is complete and online.

Alas, I was not able to complete the United Way report. I had about 18 of 20 pages done and the printer needed it much sooner than anticipated, so the UW had to finish it up. I hate not being able to complete a project!

I love coming through for my organizations. Feedback from LWB during the process: (I got some similar comments from UW, but email has already purged those!)

THANK YOU! You make everything look so professional and great.

You are a creative genius. You do know that, right?

Love this!!!!

Laura, this is looking GREAT!

You can do anything and everything you feel look best. : ) You always make everything look so wonderful.

They made me feel like Supergirl. Volunteer!