LWB 2012 annual report

I worked on two annual reports this month: one for the local United Way and one for Love Without Boundaries. The LWB report is complete and online.

Alas, I was not able to complete the United Way report. I had about 18 of 20 pages done and the printer needed it much sooner than anticipated, so the UW had to finish it up. I hate not being able to complete a project!

I love coming through for my organizations. Feedback from LWB during the process: (I got some similar comments from UW, but email has already purged those!)

THANK YOU! You make everything look so professional and great.

You are a creative genius. You do know that, right?

Love this!!!!

Laura, this is looking GREAT!

You can do anything and everything you feel look best. : ) You always make everything look so wonderful.

They made me feel like Supergirl. Volunteer!


At the end of January, the Fanartica Tumblr posted a couple of 30 Rock valentines. My dash was pretty dead at the time; the other postings all seemed to be Primeval-related. Which made a mash-up in my mind.

“I should make some Primevalentines!”

I had too much fun making these. I wasn’t sure what each one should say. I’m not very good with puns. But once I hit upon the idea of using candy hearts for the verbage, it was all smooth sailing.

I made each one individually and as couple pairs. Couples getting matching-colored hearts. (Stephen and Helen being an exception and Sarah and Danny being a bit of a stretch.)

My favorites, of course, are Abby and Connor. I was delighted to find the "Marry Me" heart and edited a couple of others to make Connor's "So Yes" answer heart.

And, because I love seeing how other Tumblr users tag them: screencaps of the reblogged valentines:

Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

Winter 2012 issue

My story in this issue was about Darlene Franchi's Etsy-chic downtown bungalow.

“Whenever I tell anyone that I moved from Florida to Alabama, they are always, like ... ‘Why?'” says Darlene.

Originally from New York, Darlene says nobody she knew ever had said they wanted to live in Alabama.

“And it's a shame, because this area is truly beautiful. We're at the beginning of the Appalachian Mountain range. There are hills, mountains, seasons! I think Gadsden is the perfect blend — so close to the country but with the benefits of a small city.”

You can flip through the whole magazine here.