Lyrics into graphics

Happy birthday, Chrystal

I was listening to the Regina Spektor song "Small Town Moon" and the lyric "today, we're younger than we ever gonna be" resonated with me.

When I think of Regina Spektor, I think about how much I like her music in one-shot doses, which makes me think of Chrystal who both likes Regina and prefers to listen to entire albums.

Thinking of Chrystal reminded me that her birthday is this weekend and suddenly my brain says "oh, hey, you should..."

The photo is Chrystal and a friend re-creating a pose from their childhood. So apropos.

I made a little lyrics+graphic last week, as well. Inspired by the Ani DiFranco song "Present/Infant."

lately i’ve been glaring into mirrors
picking myself apart ...
making insecurity into a full-time job
making insecurity into art ...
always glaring into mirrors
mad i don’t look better

but now here is this tiny baby
and they say she looks just like me
and she is smiling at me
with that present infant glee
and yes i will defend
to the ends of the earth
her perfect right to be

so i'm beginning to see some problems
with the ongoing work of my mind
and i've got myself a new mantra ...

there's nothing wrong with your face
love is all over the place

This one was sort of slapdash, but I still like how it turned out:

I posted both of these to Tumblr, as well. (Love the tags on this reblog...)