Hatter keeps my Tumblr powered

Look, I know I already posted some of the graphics I've made that are Syfy Alice-related. But my goal is to keep this blog updated at least once a week and I don't really have anything else to post (yet). Aside from boring ad jobs, the only other thing I have been working on is fanmade images for Tumblr.

[I've made a few collages this year, but there might be another show in the works, so I want to keep those hidden for now. I designed our family Christmas card. I'll post that next month after I mail them out. Next month the Winter issue of Style will also be out.]

Until then, it's Syfy Alice or no post! (You know the deal; click image for full size.)

This creation has been reblogged the most (167 to date). It's a quote from actor Andrew Lee Potts about the audition process for his Hatter character.

[My other ALP quote/image juxtaposition was the first thing I'd posted to gain 100+ likes/reblogs, so I thought "I should make another one of those!"]

The material that stood out to me was this:

“And it’s funny because I went into the audition and played the role as I thought it appeared to me, and was more sarcastically comedic as well as a bit eccentric. Hatter is a hero of sorts in the story, and the casting lady suggested, ‘Maybe you should try being a little more sexy?’ and I [jokingly] said to her, ‘What do you mean? Am I not being sexy?’ So I tried that, and later on when I met Nick, he told me, ‘Your first reading of the role was perfect, but then you did something really strange and went all serious.’ So although I’m glad I did it both ways so that he could see either interpretation, I’m really pleased that my initial take was what Nick was looking for and that I eventually got the job.”

On one of my visits to Andrew Lee Potts' IMDb page (yes, there have been many), I noticed that his birthday was coming up. I decided to theme my next creation on that, with the self-imposed restriction to only use images from more recent projects (hence, no Hatter).

We've got an image from Stolen Light, Primeval New World, Dracula, The Morning After and Little Larry. (Had to get Hannah in there somehow!) Hatter is the secret sauce, though, for this one got far less mileage.

Most recently, we have the one about Hatter acting impetuously.

“I acted… impetuously – ”

“Selfishly. You acted selfishly.”

“Whatever word you want to… use. Let me make it up to you.”

When Hatter tries to sell Alice to Dodo for profit, he is being selfish, yes. But when he places himself between Alice and Dodo's gun? Rather impetuous. (As was breaking into the Hearts Casino and storming the posse on horseback...)

I enjoy making these. They are mini-exercises in visual storytelling. Pairing images, words. Theming. Framing the narrative. Oddly enough, very similar with what I do when putting the magazine together.

Fall 2012 issue of Gadsden Style

I'm putting together the winter issue of Gadsden Style, so now must be the time to blog about the fall issue! I liked the cover package the best.

My stories in the fall issue were for Blackstone Pub & Eatery and Janney Furnace.