Fandom offerings for Syfy Alice

In September, I watched Syfy's Alice on Netflix. Since then, I have been happily perusing the fandom's offerings. I have gotten so much joy doing so that I felt like I was mooching.  

But what can I give? I wondered. I am not an illustrator. I don't do videos or animate GIFs.

But I can do Google searches, Photoshop and fonts. I headed over to and looked to see if any fonts seemed Alice-ish to me.

Dutch & Harley and Orial reminded me of the branding tattoos that the "oysters" got.
"Only people from your world turn green when burnt by the light. It's the Suits' way of branding their catch. And they call you Oysters because of the shiny little pearls that you all carry inside."

– Hatter explaining the mark on Alice's arm to her

For the first image I made, I took a photo of Alice and of Hatter and a quote from each to compile this:

I grayscaled the images and flipped the one of Hatter so they would each be looking toward the center. When Alice meets Hatter, she asks "who are you?" He answers "a friend. I hope." The images are not from the scene where the dialogue is exchanged, but there is meta-meaning to be had.

The image of Alice is from when she first sees the refugees in the Great Library. At that point, she is still very much wondering who Hatter is, as well as Wonderland as a whole.

The image of Hatter is from after they leave the library. By this time, he's already placed his life on the line for Alice once and she has refused to leave him to be beaten. He has offered his help for real, not for profit. He does want to be a friend.

Next, I made this one:

My least favorite so far. I couldn't find the image I wanted of either her tattoo or his face when he says "sorry." Also, when the font size is reduced, you can hardly see the pattern in the letters anyway.

Next up is this one:

I really liked how Alice is like a buddy flick/road movie wrapped inside a fantasy world. There are boats, horses, some flying flamingoes. There is a little bit of flirting and a lot of arguing. A bunch of mortal peril and far too many instances of breaking in and out of the Hearts Casino.

It takes very little time for Alice and Hatter to form a 'we.' He first voices it when he suggests coming back with her to her world, but she shows it in actions... not leaving him to Dodo, disliking his plan to be Jabberwock bait. In touch with it or not, Alice likes there being a 'we.'

I don't have much in the way of favorite quotes from the mini, but I did love some stuff that the actor Andrew Lee Potts said about his character in an interview. So I paired that with a screencap of the scene in the Great Library... which is a pivotal point in Hatter's story arc.

Andrew Lee Potts quote on Syfy's Alice

This one took the least amount of artistry but was reblogged the fastest. Oh, you Pottsy fans!

Since I had a quote from ALP about Hatter, I wanted one from Caterina Scorsone about Alice. But argh, almost all of the interviews were videos! I need a cut and paste, people! So instead, I used an image of the actress and a quote about her loving genre films.

I'm not sure if I will make any more of these. If I do, they will show up on my Tumblr under the tag syfy alice.