Summer 2012 issue of Gadsden Style

It seems like I worked on the Summer issue of Style forever! Due in part to things that were held from the spring issue.

The cover story was on Sunny Mabrey, fellow SHS alum. When my editor said she hoped to have Sunny on a cover of an issue but didn’t know how to get in touch, I volunteered to reach out since Sunny had been one of my mom’s students.

But I purposefully did not volunteer to write the story because my articles tend to be shorter and I knew the cover story needed to be longer. Sunny agreed to be in the magazine, and Greg Bailey wrote the story.

We did not get the chance to shoot our own images of Sunny, but the ones she sent were great and I love how the package turned out.

When the time came for assignments, I saw that J&D Farms was to be in this issue. I volunteered for that one because Jana was one of my dad’s students and Danny was another of my mom’s students. Funny enough, that story turned out to be just as long as a cover story! So what do I know?

"Having a photographer's eye, along with a natural talent for gardening and landscape, my dad had created 40 acres of the most beautiful outdoor studio you can imagine.”

Things held from spring: I had solicited Liz to write the Contributor’s Essay, which was held for this issue. Natalie’s piece on botanical gardens was held, and I didn’t think the provided photos were up to par, so I tagged along when Kris had an appointment in Birmingham and snagged some more. Also, Gina Brown was originally planned for spring and I ran out of room to do her package justice.

At the last minute, one of the planned Five Foods fell through and the eds agreed to bump Mater’s up from the fall issue. I volunteered to do the story because at that point, I had already put the finishing touches on my J&D Farms package.

Mater's Pizza and Pasta Emporium occupies half a city block of downtown Gadsden. Shelby Cochran opened the family-oriented pizza parlor in 1978. Co-owner Michele Atkins joined in 1987. They added the Oyster Bar to give patrons two unique options in the same establishment.

The Moxie was also featured in this issue. Cyndi wanted to do a summer hair care piece, and not only is the Moxie right across the street, but they had advertised in the magazine and several people in Style are Moxie clients.

By the time this issue finally went to press, I was a bit over it. Looking back at it, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. And now, time to start the fall issue!