Book clocks, health fairs and house painters

Jesse's book showed off the finished clock face best

Last week, I shot a photo gallery of the GPL Teen Zone's Book Clock project on Tuesday.

Nicole made the front page... defacing a book. Scandal!

On Wednesday, it was a health fair at Striplin.

I like her little arm tucked behind her back

Jordan and Kimory cuteness on A1

And Thursday was house painters. (It ran in the paper in black and white on A2, so no image of that.)

Dare you to move (Switchfoot song playing while they painted)

And this week I was back to being a magazine staffer.

Wordles for the boys

For the latest editions of Ben and Cash’s Blurb books, I made a “wordle” for the first page, using phrases oft-repeated by each boy. Above is Ben’s wordle.

And here is Cash’s:

This was the text I pasted into Wordle to create it:

BEEG~truck! BEEG~truck! BEEG~truck! BEEG~truck!
I~still~working~on~it I~still~working~on~it I~still~working~on~it
My~do~it My~do~it My~do~it
Brudder~Ben Brudder~Ben
Dat’s~enough Dat’s~enough
That~feel~better! That~feel~better!

I chose Print and the option to make it a PDF. Then I opened the PDF in Illustrator and did a little tweaking.

Create your own at

Ariel's wedding

The rings

One of my co-workers daughters was getting married and they asked if I could design the wedding and shower invitations based on something they liked online:

Why yes, of course!

Another coworker was supposed to be the photographer for the wedding, but he went and had another bike wreck. (Eric! Stop doing that!)

So I ended up shooting the nuptials, as well! Steven and Ariel had a beautiful wedding.

Ariel & Steven

Only have eyes for you

The wedding party

See more in this set on Flickr.