Spring 2012 issue of Gadsden Style

For the spring issue of Gadsden Style, the 5 Places were Bed and Breakfasts. When I saw Capps Cove on the budget, I volunteered for it since I shot Foster's wedding there in 2010. 

The charm of Capps Cove is in its styling. Complete with contemporary amenities such as restrooms and central heat and air, the buildings are constructed to look as if one has stumbled upon a 19th-century settlement. The historical architecture and Blount County's natural wonders make a nostalgic and peaceful getaway.

Asahi was one of the 5 Foods and I would have volunteered for that one, but the executive editor already had. But he passed it to me in the end because he had to work on something else!

Asahi Sushi House is a family business — Tracy is out front, greeting customers, and her husband is in the kitchen, cooking. Her son, Mu-Tsai, also works at Asahi. 

We did not have anything designated for the issues "Last Look" page, so I used a photograph I'd taken of dogwood blossoms downtown.