Devotions of Love

I have been going global with Love Without Boundaries this month!

LWB Ireland came up with a campaign for Lent and we designed this image to go along with it.

Since Facebook rolled out the Timeline design, LWB’s executive director asked if I could make some LWB-themed timeline covers.

And then LWB Spain asked if I could send them the Photoshop document so they could translate them to Spanish.

We made a flyer for the Snack Project in Huainan (where my daughter is from).

For Kula, we designed a header. I'm still not sure what Kula is. But this is the LWB one:

And it was time to update the annual report, which in time will be translated into Spanish and Mandarin!

Gadsden Symphony Orchestra

The Gadsden Symphony Orchestra’s winter concert is this Sunday, which serves as a reminder that I never posted the promotional materials I did for the GSO last year.

I made a tri-fold brochure/mailer that detailed the season’s concerts and had a form to purchase tickets or make a donation.

I also made some ads, such as this one, which I think ran in an issue of Gadsden Style.

Gryphon Engineering logo

Logo design for Gryphon Engineering.