Love Without Boundaries' gift cards

LWB needed a redesign for their gift cards. We made one set to use year-round and a holiday set. A few examples:

And while we were at it, we re-did the memorial gift card, as well:

My favorite part of designing these cards is scrolling through the LWB photostream and trying to find an image that captures the viewer and conveys the heart of the program. (And of course I managed to work my daughter Zoe in one – via her preschool Christmas party!)

Comics header redesign

Years ago, I asked my executive editor if I could redesign the header on our then comics page. He said no, because they were printed out of house and we had no control over the header.

And now, about ten years later, he came back and said "hey, I need you to redesign the header for the comics page."

Do all projects come around in time?

Here was the design mine replaced (not the same one of yore that I wanted gone, though)...

CM Saunders book covers

After I worked with Christina on her law firm logo, I did a couple of book covers for her. My attempt was to give them a similar feel but for each to have its own personality — the author is the same but the story is different.

As an in-joke to self, I used one of the fonts that is core to the Gadsden Times print product (Miller Display) since Christina used to work on the copy desk.

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