Gadsden Style: Fall 2011 issue

The fall issue of Gadsden Style came out on Friday (a week late!) and I was so excited to have the final product in my hands. I think it’s our best issue yet.

Somehow, we ended with Too Much Content. A boon to our readers, a design conundrum for me. How to fit it all in and give everything its due?

On a couple of packages, I wished for more real estate to work with. Lisa Nail’s Arizona photos were spectacular and I really would have preferred four pages to showcase them, but I had to make do with three.

The James D. Martin package was a happy byproduct of little space. “There are how many photos with this story? And it’s how many inches long?”

My byline contributions to this issue were the Auburn and Alabama rooms. I considered myself neutral territory enough to write them both.

I am nerdily excited about the head and subhead of Jill’s story. I worked on that package on a day our editor Cyndi was not in the office and she is my Headline Guru. I sought the help of Kendra Carter, Auburn alum. She was like “maybe you could do a play on the Auburn creed in the subhead... you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

Nope. But she sent me the creed and voila! Subhead!

I confessed to both Tom and Jill that I am a Bama fan in pretty much name (and the occasional crimson tee) alone. If I have to pick a team, I pick the Tide because my parents met at the University and without it, I would not exist. But I know less than nothing about football. Well, I know that a “field goal” is 3 points and that a touchdown is either 6 or 7 and may involve one team getting the ball to the other end of the field.

I was super excited that the magazine came out on Friday and the following day, I got to see Club TBLTT in action.

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LBC said...

via Facebook, Lisa Nail said "Girl the ENTIRE magazine was da'bomb....totally rocked. It's like we have our own little Southern Living in Gadsden."