Birth announcement series

The first birth announcement I designed was for my son Ben.

My pal Kristie had her first son a few months later, and I designed the birth announcement for Elias. (Apparently I remembered to post it to Flickr but never blogged it.)

Elias' birth announcement

I forgot to post this in July. The cool thing is that after E was born, when I opened the file to put in his real stats, I only had to change the day and time. I had guessed his exact weight and length.

Fast forward to the fall of 2008 and I blogged about the original design for Jacob (Kristie's second son) but never revealed the actual design!

Jacob's birth announcement

Also, since Jacob's name is now long-revealed, I can explain what I meant by:

Edward Asher is not the kid's name, by the way. That's the substitute for his real name, chosen for reasons probably only funny to me.

Jacob and Edward = dudes in the Twilight novels. Nathanael and Asher = dudes in the Anita Blake novels.

This year, Kristie went and had a girl. We went with a design reminiscent of the boys but with its own flavor. She is a girl, after all!

Anna Ruth's birth announcement