Birth announcement series

The first birth announcement I designed was for my son Ben.

My pal Kristie had her first son a few months later, and I designed the birth announcement for Elias. (Apparently I remembered to post it to Flickr but never blogged it.)

Elias' birth announcement

I forgot to post this in July. The cool thing is that after E was born, when I opened the file to put in his real stats, I only had to change the day and time. I had guessed his exact weight and length.

Fast forward to the fall of 2008 and I blogged about the original design for Jacob (Kristie's second son) but never revealed the actual design!

Jacob's birth announcement

Also, since Jacob's name is now long-revealed, I can explain what I meant by:

Edward Asher is not the kid's name, by the way. That's the substitute for his real name, chosen for reasons probably only funny to me.

Jacob and Edward = dudes in the Twilight novels. Nathanael and Asher = dudes in the Anita Blake novels.

This year, Kristie went and had a girl. We went with a design reminiscent of the boys but with its own flavor. She is a girl, after all!

Anna Ruth's birth announcement

Mobile Dairy Classroom


My September photo gallery for turned out to be the Mobile Dairy Classroom.

This was at a local elementary school. The last time I was there, it was as a reporter to cover the principal being duct-taped to the wall. This time, I walked to the gym and asked "is this where the cow will be?"

"No, it'll be back there... you know what? Just follow this class coming out. That's where they're headed."

I know one student who goes to this school. And it happened to be her class on the way to meet Butterbean the Jersey cow.

Sunlight in the hair

This was a fun assignment. Cow! Kiddos. I ended up recognizing another girl, too. She and Zoe were daycare pals.

One of Zoe's former daycare pals

I like the lines in this one:

My Skills Pay the Bills

"My Skills Pay The Bills" is less troubling than "I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me."

Hey, did you know cows can pick their nose with their tongue?

Butterbean pickin' her own nose

Fishers of Men youth group t-shirt design

(Unused) t-shirt design

Last year, I did the Be An Example t-shirt design based on 1 Timothy 4:12.

This year, the verse is Matthew 4:19. This design didn't get used, though, so I thought I should post it somewhere!