GTpreps logo and branding

Awhile back, the Times' executive editor and online producer gave me the heads up that we would be rolling out a new site,, and would need a logo/branding/color scheme. The site has been live for about a week now.

A caveat for logos these days is that you need a portion of it to work in a small square space for the myriad of social media sites. For GTpreps, it will be the lowercase gt.

The font is Rockwell, all blocky and varsity like since it's a high school sports site.

The color scheme is mostly charcoal and white (masculine) with green accents (grass - the kind sports are played on, not smoked).

I planned on posting the first mocks I made for the preps logo. But on second thought, they are so embarrassingly bad, I think I will keep them to my desktop self.


Eric Wright said...

I love the Social Media icons.
Such a greta graphic look and a step away from our traditional stuff.

Great job.