Gadsden Style magazine: Summer 2011

The Summer 2011 issue of Gadsden Style is available now. It’s the “beach issue.”

The Powers That Be (as in editors, not enigmatic entities) felt that because so many locals vacation to the shore, we should feature it heavily in the summer issue. I agree. Sadly, we don’t have a travel budget that allowed us to visit the beach and collect imagery and info firsthand.

We do, however, have an excellent contributor in the form of Laura McGill (and she wrangled Lucinda Taylor into the issue).

But when it came time for me to put the magazine together, I found I wanted more photographs to work with. So I took to Flickr.

Thank you so much, Shutterdawg84, purduebob and stephsthename. The packages on Lulu’s and Ship Island would have been so lackluster without your help.

I was excited to work with the images that Dave Hyatt shot for a photo essay about Cherokee Rock Village. (One of my favorites didn’t fit with the rest of the package, so I used it as the issue’s “last look.”)

I suggested the Finlayson pool as the Favorite Space for this issue. The package turned out so well!

And sweet serendipity — for the story about the Gone With The Wind exhibit, I didn’t have what I felt to be the right lead art. But Cyndi remembered that Sarah had taken a photo for the paper of a woman dressed as Scarlett for a church homecoming. (Does anybody know Jerri Lankford? I hope she gets an issue of the magazine.)