Relay for Life t-shirts

This is the design I made for this year’s Gadsden Times’ Relay for Life t-shirt. It’s based on a similar design the team captain found online.

The idea this year was to design a shirt that didn’t focus on 2011’s theme, but fighting back against cancer in general. The choice of a grey tee was to make it more dude-friendly.

Within days of me finalizing the design, we found out another local team was doing a shirt with similar wording.

“Aw, man!” I told the Times’ captain. “I was so proud of my ribbon in the hope!”

I showed her the design anyway. She liked it so much that we agreed it would be okay if two teams had a similar theme.

But then ANOTHER team saw our design and got mad because THEIR shirt is going to say the same thing.

It is what it is. Can’t be helped that three teams separately chose to do a shirt with this wording. It wasn’t on purpose. It wasn’t to compete. Pure happenstance.

The Times’ team just happens to have a graphic designer on staff. We do come in handy sometimes.