Born In My Heart (logo redesign)

I am a Love Without Boundaries volunteer. Mostly I do Photoshop-related tasks, but some other odds and ends, too, like making a vector version of the logo, etc. A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from another volunteer:

...suggested contacting you about redesigning the logo for the Born in My Heart Art Auction. This auction raises funds for Medical and is held every April. 2011 will be the 8th year we’ve held this auction and the logo is looking a bit tired to us (see attached).

So, we are wondering what ideas you might have for updating it. All I can think of is a heart within a heart and of course the words Born in My Heart in a font that complements the new graphic. I’m not locked into this idea so feel free to play with it and suggest something.

We need a logo that not only looks good on a white background but also on a transparent background (gif). Less important but nice would be that it prints clean and crisp in black and white.

Here’s the old logo:

My first approach is to just update the same feel: scripty font, hand-drawn heart. I sent this:

(Normally I would send more than one option, but I was pressed for time that day and figured starting somewhere was better than starting nowhere.)

The response:

Not sure I'm crazy about the heart and font for Born in My Heart. Need to think about what it is that bothers me so I can be more constructive with my comments. I'll think about it and write more tonight. Thanks so much for sending something quickly. It's always easier to work toward a solution when you have a draft of something to fine tune.

True! Sometimes you don't know what you want, but upon seeing something that you don't like, it helps guide the process. When she got back with me, she knew she wanted:

something simple but symbolic. How about a red thread that comes from the left and forms a asymmetrical heart on the right?

(The red thread is a reference to this.) Now that I wasn't pressed for time, I was able to send more options:

And lo, was my "client" happy:

Now we're talkin! I love these! Thanks Laura! I like the "lighter" feel of these!

After some more back and forth tweaking, here is the final update on the Born In My Heart logo: