A Parliament of Owls

A Parliament of Owls

I made a book for Ben. It’s called A Parliament of Owls.

Ben LOVES animals. One day, I came across a list of collective nouns for animals and I thought that was really fun. Somebody said “you should make that into a book for Ben.”

“Hey, I should,” I thought. I’ve used Blurb to make a couple of books about Ben and am already hatching ideas about Cash Dean: Volume One.

It took me forever just to decide which animals to illustrate. I finally chose ten: two each of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and insects. (Choosing two amphibians proved tricky.)

And then I had to decide on all the text. Wow, is authoring a children’s book a lot harder than I would have expected.

Last came the illustrations, which also took me forever. But I finally got the book ready enough to order a “proof” copy.

I read it to Ben and he enjoyed it and knows it’s a book Mommy made for him.

Blurb allows you to make your books available for the public to buy, so I did. I marked them up $5. Any proceeds I make will go in our adoption fund.