Tunes for Tots 2009

Tunes for Tots '09

When Eric saw the flyer, he was like “what’s this? Laura Catoe using FIVE different fonts?”

Yes, and I’ll tell you why: in this design, the different fonts act as logos. The Liz Wood Project is the only band to be on the lineup for all three Tunes for Tots events, but if you go back and check the previous flyers? The font is always the same.

The Blackstone Pub & Eatery is actually a file I pulled from them. I assume it’s their logo.

I went to check the Donna Angelle MySpace and couldn’t find a logo for them.

“Nawlins in Gadsden” is this year’s theme.

The rest of the text? All in one font.

Do not use five fonts for font’s sake alone! Have a reason. Is all’s I’m sayin.’