Extreme Expression now archived

It was mentioned in a newsroom meeting today that archives now go back to 2000. I logged on later to see if my “Extreme Expression” series is there. It is.

They were my first real foray into writing articles for the Times. It’s hard to believe they were so long ago — written in 2003. In case anybody wants to take a trip down memory lane, here are links:

Part I: Dye Tryin’ (mentions Jaimie and Kristie, Jesse Lauffer)

Part II: I Pierce, Therefore I Am (mentions Brad & Cindy, Ashley Ross, Courtney)

Part III: Inked (mentions Jill, Jeremy Crawford, Andy Brown, Josh Lacy)

I still love this series. As a complete and total nerd, I kept all my notes and page proofs. They’re in a folder at my desk at work.

These are the little peeps I made for the series logo. Do they look familiar?