Evolution of a "logo"

Last weekend was RiverFest 2009. I’m proud that a city the size of Gadsden manages to host an outdoor music festival every year. I just never go to it, for one reason or another.

This year, they had something called the ZeroMeth Boardwalk Bash for teens. Youth. Whatever you call those whippersnappers these days.

Venture Marketing was promoting the bash and asked me to design a flyer and logo. The following is an exercise in the pitfalls of e-mail only communication.
Could you please come up with a logo for us to use on the flyers outlined below. It’ll also possibly be used on cups and other promotional items. Needs to be edgy, fun, and appealing to teens. You’ve got the ZeroMeth logo, right? Think you can handle this?

I responded sure! For reference, here is the ZeroMeth logo (which somebody else designed):

Before I began working on the design, I asked “Does the Boardwalk Bash logo need to incorporate into the ZeroMeth logo or be more like a companion piece to it?” and the response was a companion piece to it. So here is what I sent them:

And they said:

I like the boardwalk font a lot. But I think we’ll have to leave the ZeroMeth logo alone and find a cool way to incorporate it under it.

So I sent this, thinking one could just remove the ZeroMeth part completely:

But what they were really getting at was not to alter the original ZeroMeth logo in any way, so they asked me to:

find a cool way to incorporate the boardwalk bash font you’ve come up with underneath it. Make sense?

Which means really all they needed were the words “Boardwalk Bash” in a cool font.

The font is Lt. Chicken Hawk, which looks rather a lot sweeter “out of the box,” don’t you think?

Since I didn’t make it to RiverFest, I have no idea how the Boardwalk Bash “logo” was used in the end. But I hope it rocked. Like Bret Michaels.