Steven Smith Construction logo

This is a logo I made back in February and then forgot to post. Kris and I were watching TV one night, and it’s very rare that we see commercials because most everything we watch is DVR’d or a Netflix offering, but we were watching live TV and I said “hey! I designed that logo!”

So, let’s see, first time I saw one of my logos walking around on the back of someone’s t-shirt was forever ago – it was the first Finlayson Landscape & Design logo. We re-vamped it in this century, so this would have been early to mid ‘90s?

First time I saw one of my logos on a truck was for a metal building fabricator. I think they just happened to pull over in the city parking lot behind the Times.

Blueberry’s Emporium (now defunct) was the first time one of my logos appeared on a billboard.

The Humane Society of Etowah County was the first swag (pens, magnets, post-its) that I recall featuring my work.

I can’t remember any other firsts.

So here are the first drafts of the Steven Smith Construction logo. (You can click on the thumbnail to see it full size.)

He builds nice homes that often incorporate the outdoors, so the first designs were more masculine but had earthy elements. But he wanted it to focus more on the upscale aspect of his business, hence the refined, more serif-y versions.

And yeah, that’s Zapfino for the swooshy Ss in the final version. Zapfino, I don’t know how to quit you!