Retired site design

I call this version of the blog "Cherry Cheesecake" because that was the name of the color scheme I pulled from Kuler. This was the look of from November 2007 through September 2008 (when I moved to WordPress).

Sep08 illustration of the month: Lutheran church t-shirt

A t-shirt design for Trinity Lutheran Church of Gadsden, Alabama (a.k.a. the A-frame on the Drive).

Baby shower invitation

CRY logo

I wanted to design a logo treatment for my friend Carol and this is the result. I opted against her initials, because it spells "cry." The background color is an homage to her red hair, the vine a tribute to her earthiness and the font a bit of a play on words. (Parma Petit when one of her online identities uses the term "petite.")

Birth announcement (unused)

I designed the birth announcement for the Abecrombies' first born, Elias, so Kristie asked me if I would do one for baby number two, due this fall. This first design was aimed at being radically different than the one for Elias. Kristie thought it was cute, but wanted one much closer to the one we did for Elias.

Edward Asher is not the kid's name, by the way. That's the substitute for his real name, chosen for reasons probably only funny to me.

Baby Boomers cover

The bird nest is clip-art from Metro Creative Connection.

Redesign: Etowah County logo

The Etowah County web site has a redesign in the works and ran into a problem with their current logo. Namely, the quality. Who wants to unveil a new design with the same shabby logo?

They didn’t necessarily want to change their logo, just have a cleaner version of it. So here’s my vector-ized, slightly redesigned logo for Etowah County.