Logos for Leslie

As a designer, I have trouble designing things for myself. I presumed this could be true of other designers, so last week I contacted Leslie and Terica and proposed a little game. I would design a “logo” for Leslie. She would make one for Terica. And Terica would make one for me. Our deadline was last Friday.

Terica was the first to finish. She posted my logo(s) on her blog. My two favorites are the “mod” ones.

For Leslie, I came up with three varieties. The first is what I think of as the Gypsy one. (Pinks and purples, rounded font.) My personal favorite is the one I call the Glamour version. A swooshy capital L and a sans serif.

And the third option, my least favorite (of course!), a stylized line drawing of Leslie’s face, paired with a blocky font. When I sent preliminary designs to Jaimie for feedback, it’s the one she liked best. It was also Les’ favorite.

Even when the client is a friend, she will instinctively know which one is your least favorite and like it best!

I don’t think Leslie has posted Terica’s online anywhere yet, but if she does, I’ll update.