Jan08 illustration of the month

With a sadly small Christmas budget, I agreed to my grandmother’s (my dad’s mom) request for me to print out two sayings for her. To make them seem more gift-like (in my eyes anyhow), I designed them first and had them printed at OfficeMax (no time for Kinko’s or VistaPrint) on glossy stock. The black borders aren’t on her copies; they just represent frames.

I tried to make them look like something that would hang in her house. These were fun for me because they reminded me of the bookmarks I had to design in one of Ms. C’s classes. Only that phrase was Arthur Miller’s “The word now is like a bomb through the window, and it ticks.”

When I picked them up from OfficeMax, the guy behind the counter was all "where do you work?" I took it as a compliment.

And Grandmother was very pleased with them.

Dec07 illustration of the month

Haven't actually ordered these yet, so if you go to get a gift certificate today, expect the old design.