Retired site design

From June 2006 to October 2007, I used a site design on that I referred to (in my mind) as either "squares" or "jungle." This design stayed up longer than any other so far not because it was the favorite, but because it covered the time when I was pregnant up to my son being 7 months old.

It is one of two site designs (the other was for a college project for JSU) that I used javascript, and I was so proud of myself (the other time I had my then-boyfriend create the code for me).

So when you went to the home page, you saw:

But if you could've moused over all the letters at once you would have seen:

I archived a copy of the design here, if you want to see it "in action."

P.S. Retiring simultaneously, the "fishbowl" design of the blog: