Nov07 illustration of the month

I found these scans of some projects I did in Mr. Shaw’s Printmaking classes at JSU. Once upon a time, these files were on my old (now defunct) website, along with the titles, mediums and sizes. Most of that stuff I don’t remember and I’m not going upstairs and pulling the originals out from under the bed to find out.

Here’s what I know. These are from Printmaking I (Intaglio):

The Shaw man mandated four designs (one landscape/nature, one portrait/human form, one abstract and maybe a still life?) per semester and at least five prints in the run.

Printmaking II (Woodcut) I took during a summer term, so it was only three designs instead of four, but one had to be like an 11x14 or larger.

Check out how young Liz looks! In the photo I was working from, she was 16, I think. In fact, the title might have been “Liz at 16.” The big one is something like “Contemplate the Faerie Wood,” and yes I think it was that long and silly on purpose.

Printmaking III (Collograph)

For my collographs, I think the plates themselves were more interesting. I need to take a picture of those sometime.

Of all my art classes, Mr. Shaw’s Printmaking classes felt the most like my mom’s art classes. I felt the way about the printmaking room the way I did about the art room at SHS… a sense of home and collaboration and freedom of expression.

Jaimie and I took the first three printmaking classes together and then I graduated. She went on to take Printmaking IV (Screenprinting) and do an Independent Study (Lithograph).