Jan08 illustration of the month

With a sadly small Christmas budget, I agreed to my grandmother’s (my dad’s mom) request for me to print out two sayings for her. To make them seem more gift-like (in my eyes anyhow), I designed them first and had them printed at OfficeMax (no time for Kinko’s or VistaPrint) on glossy stock. The black borders aren’t on her copies; they just represent frames.

I tried to make them look like something that would hang in her house. These were fun for me because they reminded me of the bookmarks I had to design in one of Ms. C’s classes. Only that phrase was Arthur Miller’s “The word now is like a bomb through the window, and it ticks.”

When I picked them up from OfficeMax, the guy behind the counter was all "where do you work?" I took it as a compliment.

And Grandmother was very pleased with them.

Dec07 illustration of the month

Haven't actually ordered these yet, so if you go to get a gift certificate today, expect the old design.

Halloween '07 invite

For our fifth and final Halloween party on Argyle Circle, I decided to make a "real" invitation. I used a clip-art scaredy cat (and gave it a Jack-o-lanternish face) and the font Dark Ages. That's partly why the time is "from sundown to bedtime" – the Dark Ages font doesn't have numerals.

Nov07 illustration of the month

I found these scans of some projects I did in Mr. Shaw’s Printmaking classes at JSU. Once upon a time, these files were on my old (now defunct) website, along with the titles, mediums and sizes. Most of that stuff I don’t remember and I’m not going upstairs and pulling the originals out from under the bed to find out.

Here’s what I know. These are from Printmaking I (Intaglio):

The Shaw man mandated four designs (one landscape/nature, one portrait/human form, one abstract and maybe a still life?) per semester and at least five prints in the run.

Printmaking II (Woodcut) I took during a summer term, so it was only three designs instead of four, but one had to be like an 11x14 or larger.

Check out how young Liz looks! In the photo I was working from, she was 16, I think. In fact, the title might have been “Liz at 16.” The big one is something like “Contemplate the Faerie Wood,” and yes I think it was that long and silly on purpose.

Printmaking III (Collograph)

For my collographs, I think the plates themselves were more interesting. I need to take a picture of those sometime.

Of all my art classes, Mr. Shaw’s Printmaking classes felt the most like my mom’s art classes. I felt the way about the printmaking room the way I did about the art room at SHS… a sense of home and collaboration and freedom of expression.

Jaimie and I took the first three printmaking classes together and then I graduated. She went on to take Printmaking IV (Screenprinting) and do an Independent Study (Lithograph).

Retired site design

From June 2006 to October 2007, I used a site design on that I referred to (in my mind) as either "squares" or "jungle." This design stayed up longer than any other so far not because it was the favorite, but because it covered the time when I was pregnant up to my son being 7 months old.

It is one of two site designs (the other was for a college project for JSU) that I used javascript, and I was so proud of myself (the other time I had my then-boyfriend create the code for me).

So when you went to the home page, you saw:

But if you could've moused over all the letters at once you would have seen:

I archived a copy of the design here, if you want to see it "in action."

P.S. Retiring simultaneously, the "fishbowl" design of the blog:

Rainbow City Public Library

Illustration of the Month for October 2007
Logo and magnet design for the Rainbow City Public Library.

Elias Eagle

Illustration of the Month for September 2007

I did not plan on making one of these for the boys, cause they're more of a girl thing. But then Elias went and got born the day after the Fourth of July and Elias and Eagle and yeah, I just had to. Hopefully it's not too girly.

See it full size here.

Tunes for Tots poster

Illustration of the Month for August 2007

I made this in a web version (pictured) and a black and white 11x14 version.

MOXIE "tattoo" business cards

Ordered these from VistaPrint.

United Way Day of Caring t-shirt

Illustration of the Month for June 2007

Jaimie got me to help her design this tee in exchange for babysitting Ben. This year's theme was Destination: Victory Island, so we riffed on the Survivor logo.

Birth Announcement

Illustration of the Month for May 2007

Based on one I saw online that I couldn't afford:

MOXIE car tag

Illustration of the Month for April 2007

Have yet to get these made.

Lyla Lizard

Lyla Lizard

Illustration of the Month for March 2007

For Angie & DeWayne's daughter, Lyla.

RB logo

Illustration of the Month for February 2007

Concept logo for a friend's business venture.

Venture Marketing Christmas card

Illustration of the Month for January 2007

They came up with the wording and the concept, I just did the execution.